Wednesday, 26 January 2011

developing film intro ideas

After coming up with the initial ideas we had to develop them and start to storyboard. We made a few changes to the time lapse idea, we realised it would be hard for Chris and Isaac to film one area for a long time and have shots for night and day. So we decided to take the shots of the night sky at ringwood and edit in the background of new york. We also decided to take single shots of new york landmarks to set the scene, and make a montage. This will really emphasise the location of our film. while these images are coming up we came up with the idea that the narrator will be telling facts about new york city like the population and crime rate. The crime rate fact directly relate to our hero who is trying to cut down the crime rate. The images of the landmarks will last for around 10 seconds, and good amount of time to tell the facts and set the scene.

Film intro ideas

As a group we started to brainstorm ideas for our action comic book film introduction. We were lucky that Issac and Chris were going to new york, so we started to think about the idea that are film could be based in new york. From this we came up with the idea of a time lapse of new york to set the setting for the intro. We also thought of the idea of the titles appearing on the buildings of new york. We then started concentrating on the main character. We thought of the idea that the characters face would not be seen, so the name silhouette seemed appropriate. We had to show the character in his normal life so we came up with the idea of him waking up, and his normal morning routine. We took reference from the film hot fuzz on the idea of doing very quick, short shots to show the rush of him waking up. At the start of this clip you can see the quick shots we are thinking of.

Since this was a comic book film intro, we came up with the idea of mixing comic book animation with real life shots. This would give the film the comic book style, with real life and animation together. It would also look very good and give the film a very unique style. We also wanted a narrator to set the scene and tell the story so far. This came from the film kick-ass which uses narration.

Film brief

For our opening of a film we have chosen brief 1, the action film based on a comic book.

My group consists of Isaac, Chris and Sophie. As a group i believe that we all bring different aspects to the project which will result in a well balanced finished product.