Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final day of filming

For our final day of filming we started off filming the character leaving his house and walking onto the street. We got Dan Finn to act as the character and used the outside of his house for the filming .

The first shot was a high angle shot of the door being opened and slammed shut. We used the high angle shot so we did not see the characters face and only his legs so his identity is still kept hidden. We then had to film the character walk onto the street so we had to use the 180 degree rule to keep the continuity of the piece. All this time we are filming only the lower half of the character so we do not see his face. Next we had to take a shot of the car going around the corner. We had a problem with this as there was a lot of grass at the corner and as it was meant to be in new york we had to angle the shot so we did not see as much. We had to take a few takes of this because the car that Isaac was driving had to be in the right position to get the shot. We then had to get a shot of the inside of Isaac's car to show the audience what it looked like, we took the shot from the back seat so it looked like it was from a passengers point of view. Then we had to show a shot of the car driving along to give the idea of the speed it is travelling, to do this we took a high angled shot of just the wheels of the car then in editing we will speed it up to give the idea of it going much faster.

After this we travelled to Sophie's dads house to film the character in the bathroom washing his face. We soon encountered a problem as there was a mirror in front of the sink and when filming the character you were able to see his face in the mirror. We overcame this problem by steaming up the mirror by using a kettle. This worked really well as the character looked like a blured figure in the mirror, giving it a really cool effect. The filming went well with shots of the character turning on the tap and splashing water in his face, these shots were filmed for a short amount of time to give the idea of the rush to get ready in the morning. We then travelled to Isaac's house to film the last parts. For the character walking down the stairs we used a low angle shot but not low enough to see the characters face. We used this type of shot to give a view of a person looking up the stairs. We then were able to do the shot of the character eating the bagel as we brought some before hand. We are going to use stock animation of the bagel being eating so we took a shot of the bagel on the plate every time a bite was taken. We decided to do this as it gives are film a different edge to it. When taking the shots of the bagel being cut we realised that it took to long to show the whole bagel being cut in half, so we decided to speed it up when it comes to editing it. After that we went outside to film the final shots of the character being hit by the car. For this we decided to take a high angle shot of the character falling over on the bonnet of the car so you don't see the background and therefore still believe it is new york. The final shot we did was an inside the car shot of the character rolling on the bonnet. We decided to use this shot because it is a point of view shot of the accident, and gives a personal feel to the film.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First day of filming

For our first day of filming we went to Isaac's house to film the shots of the character waking up and getting ready to go to work. Our first shot was of the character hitting the alarm clock as he woke up. For this we had to give the bedside table the alarm clock was on a messy look, so we put some money and bits and pieces to give it an authentic look.

 We decided to take two shots of each shot so we can chose between the two and pick the best one. The next shot we did was of the character cracking an egg and putting it in the frying pan. We were going to take separate shots of the character cracking the egg then of it being put into the frying pan. The cracking of the egg went well but when we were putting it into the frying pan it didn't look very realistic so we decided we would cut some of it out so it only showed it hitting the pan.

 We then had to shoot the shots of the character turning on the kettle which went well, and of the kettle reaching the boiling point. With this shot we decided to have a close up of the switch switching of to show it has reached the boiling point.

Then we did the shot of the mug being put down on the table. We decided to use a low angled shot of the cup being put down and then a high angled shot of the water being poured into the kettle. We realised that when we had the water being put into the mug we didn't show the tea bag being put in, so we decided to do a shot of the tea bag being put into the mug. We then had to shoot the egg being cooked in the frying pan, we used a high angled shot to show the egg being cooked. We wanted the sound of the egg hissing as it was cooked so we held the mic close to the frying pan.

Our last shot was of the character taking his car keys, which like all the other shots we took two shots.


We started editing the shots that Isaac and Chris took on the new york trip. We soon found out that the clips we were using were far too long, and made the intro seem boring. The music we have is the crystal method, which Issac personally wrote to to get permission to use the music as it was copyrighted, this was very good as the music was perfect for the intro. The music has a very good beat to it and so to stop the long boring shots we decided to change from shot to shot in beat with the music to give it the fast, exciting feel. We also speeded up the shots to also add to the fast feel and show the pace at which new york city moved. A problem we encountered with the editing is that it takes along time as you have to render every clip used.


For the start of our intro we have the character, the silhouette, talking over different landmarks of new york city. For this we had to get the right voice to add to the effect of the superhero. We were lucky enough for Sophie to have a friend with the right, cool sounding voice for the intro. By using a cool voice for the intro it enhances the superhero, comic book feel, with the superhero always being a cool, strong character, like christian bale in batman, the dark knight.


This is our completed animatic