Sunday, 1 May 2011

Changes to our film intro

It became apparent during our final stages of editing and putting the film intro together that the intro did not make complete sense and the new york filming went on for way too long. so we decided to change the intro completely around to make the storyline work and keep the audience intrigued. We decided to put the alarm clock going off at the start of our film intro so it grabs the audiences attention, with the animations. And after this we would have the scenes of the character waking up and the quick shots of him getting his breakfast. This therefore sets up the rest of the intro as we get to know and relate to the character straight away. We then have the scenes of the character going out of the house into the street. After this we put the filming of the car hitting the character and killing him. This now breaks the equilibrium of the both the character getting hit and the main character that hit him, and sets up the rest of the intro. Isaac filmed scenes of the main character packing his bags as he try's to escape from what he had done. This is now therefore changing the equilibrium, as the character is wanting to change his life. Then we used shots of a plane taking off and landing to a give a clear indication that the character is moving abroad. After this we put in the new york shots, were the character has fled, and hopefully a new equilibrium for the character. This whole storyline makes it a lot more clearer and easier to understand what the rest of the film would be about, the character trying to get his life back on track. This though is a very basic and rather predictable storyline so we decided to shake it up a bit with a twist at the end. Since the character hit the man with his car we have had him narrating over the film talking about he has to get away. This give the film a very personal feel and also tells the audience of the characters worries and feelings so they feel like they know the character and feel what he is going through. But to finish the film we decided for the character to give a enigma for the rest of the film and so keep the audience watching. We decided the character would, in the narration, say how they would find him or know about him. This therefore creates the enigma of is there someone chasing him? or does someone know what he did? and also if so why is he so scared of them? This then therefore keeps the audience intrigued and wanting to watch the rest of the film to find out what happens.

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