Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Q.1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The main genre of the film itself is the superhero genre, which was chosen because it was an appealing concept which suited what all of us in our group would be interested in and would want to make, as well as the recent boost of the genre with popular films such as The Dark Knight, Watchmen, The Incredibles and Kick ass. The Dark Knight in particular has received universal acclaim, proving the genre is a successful one which would appeal to all age groups and almost all tastes. However, for our film opening we wanted to avoid what people would normally expect and instead opt for something new.

These examples of films open with exciting scenes that cut straight into the action, although by contrast, The Incredibles creates a fairly calm setting before cutting into its opening chase a minute into the film, the idea being to establish its main characters. We wanted to take a fairly similar approach by establishing our main character in a friendly environment at home going through a daily morning routine, although this is carried out across the two minutes of our film opening as we wanted to show our main character could be anyone. This creates interest instantly and entices the audience differently to what had been done before.

With our film we challenge forms of media by not showing our main characters face. Normally in any film the main character is always seen as he is the hub of the film and it evolves around him. With our film not showing his face it challenges normal films and therefore makes it unique and individual. We develop on normal conventions in media with the character that is killed being innocent, this is usual in films as it creates emotion in the audience.

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